Saturday, December 4, 2010

to someone special

Uwaa Ferrero Rocher dah habis, mcm mana ni? Haha. Orang tu mesti dah pening kepala kan :P Okay, Tak sabar nak tggu 7 Disember nii, dapat bnyak bnyak lagii. Ehehe. Sapa bagi? Adolah! :D

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meet my lil sister , Is

Okay at first i ask my mum to "make" another one baby girl for me as u already know i dont have a sister. I only have 2 brother. Like other sisters, they used to share everything. Examples clothes, if they in the same size lah. :p Err, they can share problems too and that can makes them close to each other. Hmm. My brothers are useless. Haha Sorry adik ;p Its not useless that mmg tak guna langsung tu, no. It just that i am lonely, i dont have someone that who i can talk and share problem with instead of my mum lah. Ehehe Okay buat masa sekarang my mum is my bestfriend at home. I told her to get a sister for me then nahhh dya takmau pulak. Duhhh

Haaa dah mama takmau then i go and find " adik angkat" and here she is

Hi hi her name is Isdatul Asyifa. She is my one and only sister. Okay i love her so much. As people know, I never have petsis in my entire life. She is the place that i can share all my problem and my happiness with, well instead of my Deanda. :)
I love you, Adik. Thanks for concern & thanks for love me too. Ehehe perasan kan?
But what i know is, you're the best sis i ever had. XOXO