Saturday, September 5, 2009

izham darling ;)

izham izham izham, i love you! and i really2 do hehe.u give me yhe world. hek. u're the best boyfie i ever had. :) no one can replace u in my heart. everyone knows that. haha. i love the way u treat me and i love the way u said u love me although smetimes i say "brapa kali nk ckap?" haha. even im not answer but trust me darling, everytme u say that, my heart beat faster and u cant imagine how happy i am to know that. :) u're so kind to me. u teach me drive and take me out everyday. we have a wonderful momment together. u call me everyday to tell that u love me. hee. i will never frget that and i will never frget u sayang. we've been together for almost three month and im so lucky to called u my bf.iloveyou. i hope tht our relationship will last longer. and i hope u love me as i do. again, iloveyou. :)

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