Friday, April 9, 2010

He never stop complaining!

Jason was "kind" of my new boyfriend. i met him through a friend last week. He take me out for a meal last night but it doesnt go very well. First of all, he pickup me at my house and he said that its been very hard to find. He also dont want to park at the free car park at jalan gangsa because the que was too long. We tried Jalan Bersih but i was too expensive. At the end, we parked at Lorong Teja which are cheaper but it was too far from the restoran. At the restoran, he said that he didnt feel comfortable with so many people around so we find somewhere else and we found a little cafe around the corner. it was only eight table there and i take us ages to get serve. j ason said tht the waitress is very slow. i think she went ever slower after that-on porpose! jason's pizza was too hot and he burnt his mouth, my pasta was too dry but i dont want to complaint bacause jason was already doing enough for both of us. He said that the music was too loud and the light was too bright. he even accused the quite and nice couple next to us for being too noisy. nothing was right for him. After finished our meal, jason want to go for a walk but i said it was already late and i was tired. he ask me if i want to go out with him again and i say i think about it. i dont really intrested on seing him again. eventhough he had a good looking and a nice car, he is not my taste. give me someone more laid-back next time!

ORAL ORAL ORAL. im gonna read it to my teacher this sunday. this will help me gain my english mark fr the April test.

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