Thursday, July 22, 2010

from him

Syed Paein July 23 at 1:40pm
heyy babyy ,
im sorry what i've done to youu .
im regret ryte now.
i need a chance from you
yeah, i cant turn it back
and past is past ryte . ;|

iloveyou so much bella,
please dont go . im begging u
i need youu i need you i need youu hunn

im sorry .
i want start it back
i want hold you back .
coz i cant live without u .

pleasee keep n take care all the things i gave you .
jangan bukak n tanggalkan rantai tu
smpan bracelet tu ,
wear it whever u go, alright?
my shirt, jaga elok2 if u miss me peluk baju tu,
dont break promise we've made ok? :')
i know u wont

b akan ingat semua pesan awak bg
and i will hold all the promise we've made
even ... hmm yeah b langgar salah satu dari jnj tu .

im deal what u said just now .
kita mula dari bawah .
but i need time to accept all this
i know have to accept whatevr it is cause i start it .
im regret ryte now .

u're the best gf i have .
but i losing you
b mnyesal .
i want u back .

iloveyouu so much ♥
im sorry im break your heart .
im bring u down .

* i will get u back, but pls dont go . i will change bck my attitude cause i want u bck to me. thats my promise ..