Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Its been an ages since im not updating my blog. Okay lets talk about what i've been thru today. As ussual school day, i woke up at 7 am and Omaigod im late! Today i got Seni, Math and Sej exams. Lets starts with Sejarah. Hmm, as i open the paper *BLUR FACE. i was like " benda apa ni? sapa yg buat soalan susah mcm ni nii? Sepatah haram apa pun aku tak tau" i look serround me, they busy answering. Without hesitated , goodnight world! i slept. Ehehe. Math? "cool" :) u know what i mean? Haha. Okay lets forget about exam, haa after final, we got bbq at Frah's house. And the best thing, paein is coming. :) She taking the late night bus, and insyaallah will savely arrive at 6 am. When i wake up, she will already laying beside me. XD Paein, dont frget to bring what i'd list to you okay?
Here what i've ask her to buy :

1) Famous Amos
- chocolate chip
2)cadburry hazel nut
3)ferrero rocher
4) my domo
5)domo keychain eh eh its not keychain its actually to hang at the phone


and i cant wait to meet you, Happy Becoming 6th Month Anniversarry!

Lots of Love,

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