Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

well see, skrang dah pukul 11, means lagi 1 hour, HELLO 2010! hmm. i dont go anywhere, just celebrate in my room, in front of my lappy. kinda bored here! i wish i could clbrate my new year with bilya. just two of us, muehehe. okay, many thngs happened in 2009, the bad and the good ones.
The bad,
-my pmr result, yaehhh, its awful!
-i got dump by the one i love
-argue with my causin, sampai sekarang tak baik lagi. :|
-family problem. my prnts always talked abt devorce infront of me. i mean, infront of us.
The good
- trip to Genting and Kl, hell yeahhhh! its really fun.
-hang out in my friends until late
-rapat dengan ehem ehem. :(
and bnyak lagi lahhhhh!
in 2010,
-form 4, mehehe. getting older.
-study harder form the next year
-less myspacing
-more books
-less argue with my brother
-laugh with no sound
-as the eldest, be a good one :|
-having fun with my lesbian. muehehe

well people, im trying! :)

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