Thursday, January 28, 2010

rough day aka spotcheck.

my phone was ringing while im in class. urghh! at first i dont rlly realize that, i tought it was cikgu Roaidah's phone. but everyone keep staring at me. i was shock and panic at the same time, i dnt know what to do. i just shut it down. for god sake, i cant even focus on study. i was soooo shock.
about an hour later, the guru disiplin came to my class and as ussual, spotcheck! me and 2 others kena lah rampas phone. they asked us to took off our tudung and satu lagi kesalahan, pakai dye. kena lagii. urgh! i started to cried. over and over again. haha. ehem, saye mmg cengeng yeee. :D
ohh, almost frget. while the teacher was doing the spotcheck tadi, i saw aisyah was so panic. i stared at her and guess what, she put her phone bisides the curtain. and the prefect dont realize that. at 1pm tadi, me and my frnds yg kena rampas bnda yg tak ptut bwak tu kena pegi to the office. teacher pushed us to tell em sapa lagi yg bawa phone and tak kena rampas. i dnt say a word instead of crying. haha.dilla aa yg confess yang aisyah tu pun bawa phone but tanak mengaku. for god sake, she is very very good in acting! tak mengaku satu apa pun. haih. but im very sure that dya mmg pgg phone tadi. but i just diam jaa. hmm. lepas the tcher beleter2 suma, depa suruh masuk kelas. i called my mum and asked her to took back my phone. abt 3 pm, she took it and now i have it back. muahaha. but this is the last time i bring it to school, too dengerous. pfffff.


  1. muahahahahaha!!! lwk la ang! 2 laa.. len kli bwk ag fon p skola.. dh r x silent!! ngek toi! adus! -___-"

  2. awai2 dah kna. hha. x reti nk blkn gak nie. ehem